'Kenneth Pazder has written a book that serves both a great cause and our appetite for entertaining adventure stories. The great cause is educating us, the general public, about ongoing animal cruelty enterprises...The adventures are indeed well conceived and carried out by KJ, the novel's hero.
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The Story

The Invisible Reich is a fast-paced, action-packed journey that follows one man's quest to change the world for the millions of animals that are exploited, tortured and killed every day at the hands of human beings.

Kenneth Joseph Ares Pearce, ex-special forces soldier extraordinaire discovers a war going on right under his nose. It's global and ubiquitous, claiming 30,000,000 casualties a day - every day, seven days a week. Despite the staggering numbers, this war remains largely invisible to the masses. Something must be done.

This page-turner thoroughly entertains, while confronting one of the toughest issues of our time. How can one person make any difference in the war on animals which is invisible to most? This fictional work draws the roadmap.

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The Author

Kenneth Allan Pazder is an action-adventure writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. His interest in animal welfare inspired his debut work, The Invisible Reich. The incident that commanded that pen be put to paper was an article a few years ago about medical experimentation on dogs at George Regents University in Atlanta (which forms the basis of the first chapter).

Apart from writing, Ken is founding partner of Pazder Law Corporation, a leading British Columbia law firm specializing in real estate.

Ken is also the pioneer behind LAWNET BC, British Columbiass only lawyer-driven, digital network for sharing and referring legal files.

He lives in White, Rock, BC with his two Afghan hounds, Rafa and Spirit and two jet-black cats, Tarot and Chi (coincidentally, the silent partners in Tarot & Chi Publishing Inc., the publishers of The Invisible Reich!)

The Invisible Reich is now available on Amazon

January 9, 2019

The Invisible Reich [ ISBN 978-1775330929] is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Order it today!

In this fast-paced, thought-provoking action-adventure set in the US and beautiful British Columbia, Canadian author Kenneth Pazder takes us on the journey of an ex-special forces soldier, KJ Pearce, who discovers a gruesome but invisible war claiming the lives of thirty million animals – daily! (Does this sound familiar?)

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Animal Rescue: Doing the Right Thing

11 February, 2019

On April 20, 2016 four whales became trapped by floating ice off Sakhalin Island, Russia in the North Pacific Ocean.

The distressed whales alerted rescuers in nearby Starodubsky village with their haunting cries.

Villagers used a small boat and a vehicle on shore in a valiant effort clear a path in the sea to allow the mammals to swim to deeper waters.

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Whoppers, McNuggets and Papa Burgers

4 April, 2019

"And lastly, the factory farming industry and its partners in crime, the fast food industry, have teamed up to engage in a massive and on­going public relations and advertising campaign.

The goal is to con­vince the public that the millions of cows, pigs and chickens which are inhumanely raised and slaughtered for the sake of Whoppers, McNuggets and Papa Burgers are just pleased as punch to be helping out their human benefactors by providing a tasty meal...

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