Above and beyond the call of duty: US Coast Guard Saves Canadian Dog!

Eleven days after their dog, Logan went missing, an Ontario couple was ecstatic to receive a call from a crew member of the US Coast Guard vessel “Mackinaw” confirming that they had rescued the pooch. Logan had run out onto the ice between St. Joseph Island, Ontario and crossed the border towards Lime Island, Michigan. About 20 crew members searched the island and located the dog. Because Logan was initially too skittish to be captured, the crew built a dog house for him, lit a bonfire to keep him warm and left food for him. The next day Logan was happy to see them back again and allowed the crew to take him into protective custody!!

Talk about a win-win-win situation.  Logan was saved.  His owners are overjoyed.  The crew of the Mackinaw are heroes.

Sometimes, Hollywood endings really happen!!